Over my many years in the Canberra wedding industry, I have noticed the substantial increase in couples moving  away from large, expensive wedding ceremonies and seeking a Registry style marriage ceremony or a more relaxed intimate wedding ceremony.

This has been due to a number of factors, but cost and avoidance of all the hassle in planning a large wedding seem to be the two main reasons.  Other reasons are:

Surprise weddings

Previously ‘married’ overseas

Family issues

Just after a quick and easy option to get married.

If you weren’t aware, Canberra doesn’t have a Marriage Registry Office where you can go along and tie the knot.   Which is great for couples as they have the option of selecting a Celebrant who will match the style of their simple, yet personal ceremony, can get married anywhere they like and can also tailor the ceremony to suit their requirements.

Some Celebrants, like myself, specialise in small weddings and can offer a range of other services e.g. photography, as a package deal.  I am part of the very popular business called Canberra Small Weddings, where you get a photographer and Celebrant for one low fee.   Or, you can just utilize my Celebrant services for a quick and intimate ceremony in a location of your choosing.

An important thing to remember is that you must provide a minimum of a months notice prior to your proposed wedding date, so please take that into account into your planning.

If you have any questions about a Canberra registry style wedding, then contact me and we can make a time to meet up and ensure your wedding ceremony is exactly what you are after.

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