This is always one of the first questions a couple will ask – “How much?”

As people don’t get married every day, they actually have no idea of what each service in the wedding industry would cost (or should cost).  Which is totally understandable.

So I thought I would provide a little bit of an insight into how we celebrants calculate our fees, which do vary from Celebrant to Celebrant.

Lets say you want to go and do a Registry office wedding.  Firstly, In Canberra you can’t get married in a Registry Office as there aren’t any.  But if we look at the cost of this service in NSW:

Costs below include the Fee to Lodge Notice of Intended Marriage ($162); and issue of a Standard Marriage Certificate ($56).

Cost of a ​Registry Wedding (including GST) $AUD
Marriages during business hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm. $204 ceremony fee is included. $422
Marriages by special arrangement: Friday 6pm to 8pm, or weekend. $315 ceremony fee is included. $533

As you can see, if you chose to get married outside of business hours, the cost is $533 for a very basic, non personalised, quick ceremony held in a Government office.

With a Celebrant, you have consultation sessions (as many as you wish), choice of venue,  free parking, more guests can attend, full personalisation of the ceremony, inclusion of additional ceremonies (eg sand ceremony) and basically full control over how, when, where and what is included in the ceremony.

The celebrant will spend considerable time in meeting with you to discuss options, preparing the ceremony for you to ensure it is exactly what you are after.  They will provide lots of examples and discuss things you may not have thought about. They will do a rehearsal (if desired) to ensure all participants know what is happening and how it is going to happen, and on the day, will MC the whole event to ensure it is run smoothly and your expectations are met.

Most importantly is the celebrant’s method of delivery.  Their personality and public speaking skills have a huge impact on the ceremony and how it is received by you and your guests.  Some Celebrants are more structured and serious, others are light hearted and inject some light humor to help everyone relax (my preferred style).

Naturally, a customised wedding at your preferred location with say 80 guests is not the same sort of 5 minute ceremony held in a Government office, so the price will be higher.

So when you choose a celebrant, please try and avoid just looking at the price.  Ask yourself, is this the celebrant for me?  Does he or she have the style and personality I am looking for?  Do they know all about the wedding industry and can they advise us on other things that we need to think about?  Do they have a wide range of options for us to consider?  Can we have input into the ceremony?  Think about what is actually involved in delivering the exact ceremony you are after and you will then understand that the Celebrant’s fees are quite reasonable and include everything.

Please contact me if you are interested in my fees for the various styles of ceremony I deliver.