It was a stormy looking sky that greeted us when we arrived for Peter and Amanda’s wedding at Pialligo Estate.  Peter was there waiting with his mates and we were just waiting for Amanda to arrive.

Just as she started to walk down the isle the first few spits of rain hit, not a problem, it would pass!  We were a few minutes into the ceremony and the spits became splats!  Hmmm, not good but we soldiered on. A minute later the hail started and then torrential rain – yes, that did it!  We all took off for the nearest shelter.

The Pialligo Estate staff were fantastic!  They ran around with brollies, ferrying people to the dry Glass House and ensured the bridal party received the highest level of attention to keep them as dry as possible.

Guests, photographers, bridal party and staff all dried themselves off with the huge number of towels provided by the staff.

We took a 10 minute break, reset the room and then recommenced with Amanda and Peter’s ceremony.

An amazing day!

Pialligo estate weddings

The groomsmen waiting patiently for the arrival of the bride.

inside glass house pialligo estate group photo glass house Pialligo Estate