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You can get married now!  See your celebrant as soon as you have a date in mind and complete a Notice of Intended marriage form.

So what should we do now?

I highly recommend that you commence your research on suppliers such as venues, celebrants and photographers and start to book in your wedding day.

Why do it now?

Because in Canberra, March to late May is peak wedding season and most suppliers are probably already booked.  So if you wait too long, you will find it hard to get your preferred date and the suppliers of your choice.  Remember that for later in the year, late August to mid December are also extremely popular for weddings, so get in early!  Also be creative and think outside the Saturday box, have your wedding during the week or on a Sunday!

What if we only want a small wedding?

There are suppliers who specialise in small, intimate weddings.  They can help you arrange the whole wedding in about an hour!  Here comes a plug for my own business that does that – Canberra Small Weddings